The Modern Nomad

The Modern Nomad – a Trend or the Future

I was born and raised in a little provincial town in south-eastern Bulgaria. By the age of fifteen I could hardly wait to graduate high school, run away to the big city and never come back. After having lived in three cities and three different countries for the last four years, I can say that the need to move seems endemic to me. And I know that many young people today are constantly driven by the wanderlust.

Why do so many people nowadays easily hop off from one country to another?

Well, first of all because they can. With the globalization and technology development the world has become a smaller and inviting landscape for exploration. It has opened itself and we can easily learn more about it. With this, the ravenous compulsion to travel and observe it is rapidly growing.

Cost of intercontinental travel had become sufficiently low, such that employers not finding the skill in a local market could effectively turn to recruitment on a global scale. Getting a job in a different country today is so much easier than it was twenty years ago.

  • you apply online as you would apply for a job in the city you live in.
  • you can have the interview online with one of the video conferencing tools like skype.
  • you can rent an apartment online for the first months of your relocation using a website like airbnb.
  • you don’t need a work permit anywhere in Europe and outside of Europe obtaining one has become considerably easier.
  • you can connect to other expats on Internations and find friends in the new city before you have moved there. I actually strongly recommend Internations to everyone who had just moved to a new city. They offer a great source of social activities and regular gatherings.

The relocation itself is not that really difficult and could be organized and done within a month. Been there, done that.

But is “wanderlust” just a current trend or is it the future?

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Short term and online assignments are becoming more and more common and there is a growing number of people working remotely whilst travelling – the so called “digital nomads”. People doing online freelance jobs find like-minded people who share the same values and travel and work together. What they all have in common is that they spend at least a few months of the year abroad, change their destinations every few months, use wireless internet, smartphones, Voice over IP, and cloud-based applications to work remotely wherever they live or travel. And the best part of this all is that they get to travel the world, learn new cultures and meet inspiring entrepreneurs along the way.

At the same time hi-tech companies thrive on home office. More and more jobs are turning mobile and all people need to do their job is a reliable internet connection. Virtual companies and virtual jobs are becoming more popular than ever before.  Regular telecommuting has grown up by 79.7 percent between 2005 and 2012, and that doesn’t even count people who are self-employed and working from home.

Working completely online and being location independent is still somewhat exotic but I believe that in twenty years from now most of the jobs will not a require you to have a fixed address. Exciting, huh?


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