Fresh: Ted Baker’s Wedding Collection

I went through the thrilling experience of organizing a wedding last year and I can say that finding the right wedding dress can be frustrating and very exhaustive. Every girl wants to have the most special, mesmerizing dress, one that would make a lasting impression on her guests and would still be worshiped by her daughter in twenty years time. Probably there are girls that have the exact image of their dress years before he pops up the question but the majority of us spend tons of hours of browsing through internet pages and trying on ridiculous pieces of cupcake-like wedding gowns.

What I found really frustrating was that the majority of wedding dresses still have this tired, traditional, old-fashioned look and finding modern fresh looking wedding designers without spending a whole fortune, is close to impossible.

That’s why I got really excited when I found out that Ted Baker have come up with their own wedding collection for women and men. Ted is one of my most favourite fashion brands – London based high street designer of clothes that offers fresh, original, well made with lots of detailing and high quality garments pieces.

And what is even better is their prices are reasonable unlike most wedding designers who offer unjustified high prices on their gowns.

Some of the qualities that a girl looks for in her wedding gown that could be found in Ted’s pieces:

  • versatile modern look that would appear to my daughter after twenty years
  • fine fabrics and some beautiful detailing
  • practical and comfortable to wear and dance the night off
  • evoking a “wow” effect into your guests

Here are some of my top choices from their current collection and make sure you also check out their men’s collection.

IYLA Embroiderd Applique Dress, 840 €

Ted Baker Wedding Dress 2

MADLYN Lace Bodice Tutu Dress, 490 €

Ted Baker Wedding Dress 1

ILSA Embroidered Applique Midi Dress, 700 €

Ted Baker Wedding Dress 3

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