DIY: Cool Recipe Box + Free Recipe Card Printables

I have a sweet spot for cooking and in the last years I’ve been using recipes from different sources such as Pinterest, cook books, friends, some recipes passed down from grandma or mum, internet pages, etc. I thought it would be nice if I could store them all in one place.

I also feel that handwritten recipes are getting lost with our Pinterest boards. Don’t get me wrong, I love Pinterest! But I cherish those recipes written by grandma spotted with oil and difficult to read. There is just something about handwritten recipes that I find adorable, just like handwritten letters are impossibly romantic. This is why I decided to create my own recipe box (well, not entirely as I didn’t actually craft the box myself) and to rewrite all my favourite recipes on these cute recipe cards that I designed below. You can download the recipe cards for free from here:

Recipe Cards Free Printable

If you fancy the idea and would like to create your own recipe box, this is what else you need:

  • A box of any kind – you can simply use a shoe box, an old jewelry box or any wooden box you find at home. I used this simple wooden white box below that I bought from one of these 1 euro Chinese shops.

Simple White Wooden Box

  • Paint in you desired color, painters tape, a container for the paint and brushes

Recipe Box Materials

I used plain white paint and mixed it once with blue and once with amber; you can use acrylic paints. I achieved these nice pastel colours below:

Recipe Box

The painters tape would help you isolate the areas you want to paint in a particular colour.

I recommend printing the cards on a thicker paper so that they are durable and they would definitely look much nicer placed inside the box. I still haven’t done it and the card you see on the picture below is printed on plain paper, but you get the idea on the final result:

Recipe box with recipe cards

So that’s it – fun and simple! And you would have your own recipe box to store all of your favourite recipes and as a nice addition to your kitchen decoration.

Happy crafting!


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