How to Create a Beautiful Picture Wall

When we travel with Delyan we always bring home one of two things: local food or piece of art. 

Visiting food markets is one of the best ways to immerse into the local culture and we never miss an opportunity to do it. So we often leave going to the market for the last day and we stock on some of this yummy cheese, local wine or traditional spice. When we get back home we prepare ourselves a traditional dinner to savour the memories of our holiday.

Another little tradition of ours is to bring home some piece of art – whether it would be a graphical painting of Sacre Coeur from a street artist in Paris or a print of Van Gogh’s masterpiece from the Metropolitan in New York. Over the years, we had collected quite a few pictures, prints and cool photographs and so I decided it would be awesome if I put them together in a cool mix and design our own gallery collage.

My first attempt was a grand fail. I basically bought some frames, put the pictures into them and literally started hanging them up the wall (silly me). Well, it ended up looking like a sad attempt for a picture wall (shame that I didn’t take some pictures to share with you). Then I realized that this job requires some pre-planning and measuring so I had to take down the pictures, Delyan repainted the wall and we started all over again. Here is what it looks like now, even though I would still add a piece or two, it already has a very satisfying look.

picture wall, gallery wall, gallery collage

So here is my step-by-step guide for you guys on how to design a beautiful gallery collage:

Select a good mix of prints, paintings, quote pictures to create an effortless look – a perfectly formed gallery wall is usually the result of carefully considered decisions, no matter how casual and relaxed it appears. Nevertheless, my advice here is not to stick to one style only – like hanging ten black and white prints of famous buildings. You would design your wall of personality and awesomeness by letting a landscape painting mingle with a silly picture quote saying “Follow Your Dreams”. You’ve got my idea here – just let your imagination run a bit wild.

picture wall

Hang an unexpected object  – if you include some quirky object like a vintage sewing machine or a framed lamp, it will create a sense of surprise and originality. Our unexpected object is our TV (I know…not so unexpected).

picture wall


Put your framed art selections on the floor and play around with their layout – this is probably the most useful tip I could give. I rearranged my pictures many times before I got to the selected layout. How you choose the layout is very personal and dependent on what pieces you have.

Play with the frame and sizes and colours – mix light and dark pictures, black and white frames, wooden and plastic frames and make sure that there is a balance.

Keep about the same distances between the pictures – it is Ok if distances between the prints are not exactly the same but they should not be too different either.

Let your imagination do the rest through the clever use of colour and space. And that’s the point, really: when you hang a gallery wall you want it to look effortless and not overly styled or contrived.

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